Will We Be Better Leaders in 2020?

by | Dec 30, 2019


With just a day before the end of the year I’m sure there are a great number of people who are busy making their New Year’s resolutions. I would suppose that a lot of lists contain the normal pledges; lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, etc. Studies have shown that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach a goal than those who don’t.


So it is a good thing to make some leadership resolutions for 2020 because if we don’t we just won’t improve our leadership abilities. So let me offer some resolutions that can be accomplished without a lot of pain and can help you reap some enormous leadership benefits.


As leaders we should resolve to…


Listen more intently to others…

My father-in-law, who eventually became my business partner, taught me the importance of effective listening. When I first went to work for him he would take me to meetings and my instructions were to just listen. His intent was to not only to introduce me to clients but also to learn. Leaders can learn so much by listening to members of their team and also by listening to their followers. We should resolve to listen more in 2020.

Treat others like we would want them to treat us…

The Golden Rule. So simple yet it is so easy to forget sometimes. If you erred in some way wouldn’t you want someone to give you the benefit of the doubt? So before you make assumptions about a person’s behavior or jump on them for not doing something you asked, find out what caused the problem. Leaders should solve problems not create them. Treating those you lead in a manner you would want to be treated builds respect for you as a leader. We should resolve to practice the Golden Rule in 2020.

Follow through on our promises…

If you make a promise to someone, be true to your word and follow through. As a leader this establishes trust and credibility. It also shows the person you truly care about them. We should resolve to keep our promises in 2020.

Do something to improve our minds…

Maybe it’s reading about a subject that is completely foreign to you. Maybe it’s trying to acquire a new skill. Whatever it is, do something to increase your knowledge. Leaders should be always learning. Resolve to learn something new in 2020.

Pass on knowledge…

Part of a leader’s responsibilities is to be an effective mentor. Start on creating a legacy for your lodge by mentoring those on your leadership team. Help them excel in their current leadership roles as well as prepare for the time when they will be the lodge’s Master.

Be optimistic…

It is hard at times to keep a positive outlook. Start your day with something positive. Read an inspirational message, your holy scripture or listen to a motivational speech. Do something that will help begin your day with a positive outlook. Thinking positive will make the hard things easier. Resolve to start every day in 2020 on a positive note.

If we all resolve to do these five things every day we automatically become better leaders. How easy was that?


Have a great Masonic 2020.






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