Our Workshops uses the tools & lessons of the degrees and shows you how to use them to improve your life & your Lodge

Course Overview

First, we help a Brother discover and understand the tools and lessons of Masonry, which allows him to develop practical ways to use them in his life.

Next, he is introduced to a self – development process, which helps the Brother create a Masonic life plan.

Finally, the Brother is asked to challenge himself and commit to seven tasks to help him apply the tools and lessons of Masonry in his life.

Course Overview

This workshop is about the process of building a great Masonic Lodge.

It will also help you understand that while building a great lodge, you will be changing attitudes, processes and maybe some long-standing lodge traditions.

So, this workshop is also about organizational change and how to learn to lead it.

A great Masonic lodge provides a great Masonic experience. The definition of what makes a great Masonic experience for your lodge and your brethren can only be determined by an investigative process that leads to understanding the needs of the brethren of your lodge.

Once you have gained an understanding of what these needs are, you can begin to establish the actions necessary to fulfill them.

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I applaud you for putting this program together. I really expected it to be like any other boring Masonic program. I, to my surprise, was pleased with the time that I had spent. I hope that Grand Lodge finds the same value in this I have and continues to perpetuate it. Our survival as a fraternity kind of depends on it.


Past Master - Mason Lodge #678

A Great Day – Look Forward to More!

It was a very good presentation, I wish we would have had more time.

This is something we should have done years ago.

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