Can You Hear Me Now? – How to Make Your Lodge Communications Effective


You have just spent the better part of a week soliciting (begging for) articles for the lodge newsletter, editing the articles, formatting, printing, addressing and mailing.

The next day you run into one of your lodge’s young members and ask him, “How did you like the newsletter?” He replies, “Well to be honest, I don’t read them, they’re just too long and most of the stuff doesn’t interest me.”

How did you fail? What went wrong? You obviously didn’t understand your audience.

Duane Kemerley, Lodge Management Instructor for, says this:

“You need to consider how can you  communicate with a wide range of the five living generations within your lodge.”
Why don’t you spend about 10 minutes and watch Duane explain effective lodge communication?


Have a Great Masonic Day!

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  1. David W Lawrence

    The piece on communication is good ! Duane is absolutely right about email becoming “old hat” and bothersome….texting is so much more immediate and even seems MUCH more personal. I think the idea of post cards versis sealed envelopes is very good too.


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