I Can’t, I Just Don’t Have the Time

It’s Monday, my lodge meets tonight, I should go…

I can’t, I just don’t have the time

I wonder how the’re doing, if my old buddy Gene still comes, I should call somebody…

I can’t, I just don’t have the time

I was Master in 1991, I had put in my time, I could have volunteered to coach someone…

I can’t, I just don’t have the time

I enjoyed doing the ritual, I thought I was pretty good, probably couldn’t do it now unless I practiced…

I can’t, I just don’t have the time

Who was that Brother, the one who cooked the good food, I wonder if he still does that, I should go and find out…

I can’t, I just don’t have the time

We use to have the sidelines full; I wonder how it is now, maybe I should go…

I wish I could, but I can’t. I just don’t have the time.

The Master of the lodge called, he told me they were surrendering the charter and closing the lodge. I told him I couldn’t believe it and asked what happened. He said it was a long story, too many things to explain…

He said he would tell me someday, but right now, he didn’t have the time.


Have a Great Masonic Day!


  1. Houston D. White

    “You say you don’t have the time”
    I knelt to pray, but not for long,
    I had too much to do.
    Must hurry and get off to work
    For bills would soon be due.
    So I said a hurried prayer,
    And jumped up from my knees;
    My Christian duty now was done
    My soul could rest at ease.
    All through the day I had no time
    To speak a word of cheer.
    No time to speak a word for God,
    They’d laugh at me, I feared.
    No time to stretch my hand forth,
    For a Brother in distress.
    No time for Lodge of Fellowship,
    No time to do my best.
    No time to help the widow
    Or the orphan left alone,
    No time to pay my last respects,
    To a Brother going home.
    And when before the Lord I came
    I stood with downcast eyes;
    Within his hand he held a book;
    It was the book of life.
    God looked into his book and said,
    “Your name I cannot find,
    I once was going to write it down,
    But I never found the time.”


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