How’s Your Planning Going?

Several weeks ago, I presented a timeline for planning your next Masonic year. I’m just checking in to see if you have started. If you missed the article or need to refresh your memory here it is.

I was thinking this morning that the process of planning needs to include some other elements and the names of these elements all start with the letter P.

They are:


Do you know what is the purpose of your lodge? Did you ever consider that if you asked every Brother this question, they would give a number of different answers? These answers are important when you are planning the programming for your lodge. Too many times a leader assumes everyone is thinking what he is thinking about the purpose of a Masonic Lodge.  He plans based on accomplishing his definition of lodge purpose, not the Brethren. He then wonders why no one is showing up.

Here is a survey question to ask your Brethren:

“Why do we meet, what is our purpose, what things should we accomplish, and how might we do a better job of accomplishing these things?


First of all, are you passionate? If you do not have passion for leading in a positive way, then all the planning in the world will not generate success. Before planning for lodge success did you plan for your own personal leadership development? Are you passionately following that plan? Improving yourself and then leading with passion, which will attract others and fuel their passion.  Passion is needed to do the hard work of implementing a plan. If you as the leader are not passionate, then don’t expect the rest of the lodge brothers to be passionate.


As you plan, consider the proper people to help implement the programming. A great idea without someone else involved is just a hopeful dream on your part. The empowerment of others is a necessity so that you can lead with your strengths. Pick good Brothers who have been a part of developing the lodge’s purpose, have a passion and are leaders themselves.

There are more “Ps:” priorities, promotion, process, etc. But first, be clear on your lodge’s purpose (begin with a lodge DIALOGUE), come to an AGREEMENT on purpose and plan, RESOLVE as a group, who, what, when and how, and then EXECUTE For more info on the process see this.


Have a Great Masonic Day!


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