Your Daily Masonic Eclipse


Today is what astronomers consider the grandest of cosmic spectacles – a solar eclipse. Adding to the excitement is this will be the first total eclipse to travel coast to coast in the US in 99 years.

We all have been cautioned to be very careful as we view the eclipse. Without the proper glasses with protective lenses, we will permanently damage our eyes.



Freemasons, only a daily basis, need to be aware of an eclipse that occurs that is just as dangerous – allowing the complexities of life to cast a shadow that obscures the light emanating from Masonry. This shadow comes in many forms.

The shadows may come as something as simple as a minor irritation caused by an unkind word or a discourteous act. Shadows may appear as we cut corners or perform our usual vocation in a manner less than we are capable. It may be a harsh word to a child or an argument with a partner or spouse.

The eclipse may grow to totality and darken the Masonic light because of encounters with bigotry, racism or religious intolerance. The shadow is so dark we could weaken and forget the lesson of the compasses.

What will shield us from permanent damage, just as with the solar eclipse, will be a filter – for Freemasons, a Masonic lens.

The Masonic lens cannot be purchased with money, but only acquired through careful study, intensive thought, and constant application. It will only be effective if it becomes a part of our world view. It will only shield us from the shadows if it is who we are, how we think and how we act. The lens will be applied all the time, not just when safely convenient or when dressed in Masonic regalia.

Ask yourself today – Are you shielded from a Masonic Eclipse?

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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