You Should Re-Consecrate Your Lodge Now


The word consecrate means to:

  • make or declare sacred; set apart
  • make something an object of honor or veneration
  • devote or dedicate to some purpose

If your lodge is struggling, the Brothers have become disinterested, the officers unmotivated, and the teaching of the meaning of Masonry overshadowed by the necessity of maintaining the prescribed organizational structure, with rules, regulations, edicts, and such, then it’s time for a Re-Consecration.

Here are some steps to begin your Re-Consecration:


D = Dialogue

Start with some conversation. Have dinner and afterward exchange thoughts on what would make your lodge worth attending. Gather as many ideas as possible. Avoid debating the ideas, listen and record what is said.

A = Agreement

Gather a smaller group, maybe just the officers and others who would like to see lodge improvement happen, to sift through the ideas and develop a plan to implement them.

R = Resolution

Hold another gathering of the all the lodge brothers and present the improvement plan developed by the smaller group. Avoid debate again, listen carefully, ask questions, revise your plan based on what you hear and come to a resolution of what is it your lodge will do, who will do it and when will we implement it.

After you have resolved to do what you agreed to do, this is the time to celebrate a new beginning. Hold a Re-Consecration Dinner to create excitement, start to build momentum, and demonstrate that this is a re-dedication to the practice of Masonry and to move your lodge forward.

E = Execution

Start doing what you agreed to do. Monitor your progress, make everyone accountable to ensure your plan is progressing.

After an event or one of the lodge’s goals is reached, start the process again: Dialogue, Agreement, Resolution, and Execution. Evaluate what went right, what went wrong, adjust your plan, get input, agree and resolve to continue and then execute.

Holding a re-consecration now may be the spark that reconnects Brothers, creates enthusiasm and moves your lodge to improve and thrive.

Here is a short video describing the DARE process.


Have a Great Masonic Day!


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