Why Your Lodge May Not Be Properly Tiled

Most all Masons know that one of the first duties performed before opening lodge is to see that the lodge is secure. To do that, the Master asks an officer what is it that a lodge should do first. He replies, “to see that the lodge is tiled.”

Have you ever thought, given care is taken to see that no one other than Masons enter the sacred lodge space, that equal care should be taken to tile our minds before we enter lodge?

Before entering the lodge, have you?

Removed from your thoughts the busyness of the outside world
Assumed an attitude of Brotherly Love
Renewed your spirit with Faith in your creator
Envisioned a life of Hope
Remembered the duty of Masonic Charity
Prepared yourself to give and receive proper counsel
Prepared yourself to learn and also teach your Brothers

If your lodge is tiled and you are not, then you may be the cowan. I hope you are not.


Have a Great Masonic Day!


  1. Eddy Tawiyah

    So very true. There’s a genuine need to prepare the heart (mind) first.

  2. John Vennevy

    Words I can use as a daily reminder as a Father, Husband, Leader, WM, Friend.
    Words a man needs to post on his mirror as a daily reminder to start his day.

    Thank you!

  3. Martin Holder

    Sadly, I have to say, by what I just read, there are lodges that are not properly Tiled.
    When we keep our obligations to heart, we would all be better person’s.


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