Why Your Lodge Brothers May Be Confused



Do you ever think the brothers in your lodge are confused about why your lodge exists? If so maybe it’s because a clear, compelling vision has not been created, communicated and understood by all the brothers.

“A vision is perhaps best understood as a dream of the future. It is where you define what is important to the organization and hope that it is important enough to others to inspire them to join and to participate.”

Now, why is that important? There are several good answers to that question.

  • A good vision statement brings people together in a common effort to realize a commonly desired future
  • It gives hope for a better future
  • It inspires people to realize their dreams through positive action together
  • It provides the basis for the organizational planning process because it defines the destination

So many times the leaders of organizations assume everyone knows the vision. These same leaders are then surprised to learn that there may be many versions of the organizational vision. It may be that is was never created or created and never communicated; so everyone used their own.

Don’t assume everyone in your lodge has the same vision and is headed in the same direction. If you are a leader, you should give direction and that direction should come from a clear, agreed upon vision.

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