Why You Need Suspenders to be Creative

I’m not advocating that to be a great leader you need to wear suspenders.

What I’m referring to is this:

If you want to create an atmosphere where you and others on your team can be imaginative and creative, you must be willing to put certain things on hold.

In other words temporary suspend thinking about certain things. Those things are mostly the traditional rules, regulations, procedures, rituals, flowcharts, etc. and assume a mind-set of “hey, let’s start with a blank sheet of paper, but remember we all agreed to head in the same direction.”

Notice I used the word “suspend” not ignore, forget, violate or any other word that says, “we don’t care what the government, the suits, the law or anybody says, we’re going to do it our way.” You are just pushing all that aside temporarily so it doesn’t constrain your thinking.

Just think of this attitude as the same as if you have just won the lottery. You now have more money that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett put together and can do anything you want, anytime you want.  It would be a pretty much no constraints feeling. That’s the feeling you need to pull your thinking out of the Blah.

 So put on your leadership “suspenders” and start thinking.

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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