Why You Can’t Visit My Lodge



What do you mean, I can’t visit your lodge? Isn’t a lodge, any lodge, supposed to be a place welcoming all Masons?

Sure it is. You are more than welcome to come to the lodge I belong to.

I’m just saying when you enter the lodge room, you may be experiencing a lodge much different from mine. As well you should be. My lodge and my experience are very personal and I have developed a mindset of Masonry that I assume before I enter. This is why it is so difficult to structure elements of a lodge meeting that will satisfy every Mason’s needs.

A proper mindset is necessary to change behavior, whether it be trying to just change yourself, or changing an entire organization; such as changing what happens at your lodge. I learned that without a “proper Masonic mindset,” attending my lodge will have no meaning for me, and for sure, no meaning for you.


My own personal lodge begins with a “Masonic Mindset” and before I enter lodge I do the following:

I remove any thoughts from the outside world – I clear my mind of the events of the day
I assume an attitude of Brotherly Love – I am entering lodge to provide and enjoy lasting fraternal relationships
I thank my creator – I remember how blessed I am to be able to be here
I think of giving Masonic charity – to soothe and bring peace to troubled brothers if needed
I prepare myself to give and receive good counsel
I prepare myself to learn and to teach others

So to visit “My Lodge” you need to be thinking exactly like I do. If you are, Great! If you are not, what are you thinking, and what is “Your Lodge” like?

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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