It would seem to me, given that volumes are written about the decline of the fraternity, that taking a break from the duty of a Masonic Lodge to make Masons, is counterproductive and contributing to our decline.

Think about it. Let’s say you have a man who has petitioned your lodge. He is investigated, found worthy and elected to receive the degrees. Unfortunately, the vote was taken on the last stated meeting before your lodge goes “dark.” So now he waits a minimum of two months before he can begin his Masonic journey. How will this be explained to him and what impression might he have?

Will someone say to him, “Well, our lodge doesn’t meet during the summer months because a lot of guys are on vacation and it’s hard to put on a degree.” That very well may be true, but does it make him think: “I thought Masonry was important and now they’re telling me everyone needs a break from it.”

Or might he think: “I thought Masons were committed, laying off two months doesn’t seem committed to me.”

So why risk giving the wrong impression and just continue the work of Masonry during the summer?

I’m curious, does your lodge go dark and why do you do it?

Have a Great Masonic Day!

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