What Happens in Lodge Shouldn’t Stay in Lodge

We often have heard Masons say, and I’m sure you have too, that his Father or Grandfather would go to lodge but would never talk about what happens there. Consequently, the man joined knowing very little about Masonry.

You could say, “well that’s a good thing, the unknown could make Masonry more desirable.”

But the thought comes to mind that going to lodge and then not sharing the message of the lessons learned with the outside world seems a waste.

What’s wrong with telling non-Masons that you learned these things while attending lodge?

    • to treat other people with respect
    • to help them if they are in need
    • to tell them the truth
    • to be an industrious individual
    • to value education & always be learning
    • to respect another person’s faith
    • to control your emotions
    • to spend your time wisely
    • to share your knowledge
    • to honor and respect your country

What’s wrong with any of these things?

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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