There Are No Designs on the Trestle Board!


The title of this post is a phrase we all have heard before.

This announcement made by one causes others to join in, confusion occurs, and those involved wander around as if lost in a foreign land.

Finally, an authoritative voice asks what’s going on and is informed that the group is confused and wandering because they do not have instructions on what they should be doing.

The authoritative voice asks where is their leader and is told the leader cannot be found.

We all know why the leader was absent, and the reason for his absence caused him not to be able to provide the planning and direction to carry out the needed work properly.


The situation is a big “in your face” leadership lesson If you haven’t thought about it before so here it is:

The lack of proper planning by a leader causes disruption, confusion, and stops the progress of an organization dead in its tracks. If this situation continues, those asked to do the work will start using their plans and heading in any direction they believe is correct.

The benefits of proper planning


It provides direction and meaning – This is where we are going and why

It communicates leader competency – Follow me, I’ve got a plan

It provides goals for achievement – Look what our lodge can do if we work together

It enhances lodge engagement – Brothers given proper notice will plan to come

It provides stability and ensures continuity – We plan to be around for a long while

If your lodge members are confused and wandering around, properly plan and fill up your Trestle Board!


Have a Great Masonic Day!


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