The Process of Masonic Mastery

Mario Padavoni Head Shot

Mario Padovani is an accomplished musician, teacher and a Mason. He said this about the mastery of the art of music:

“As a music instructor I am a firm believer in mastery of the basics. Often students want to understand that which they do not yet even know and they desire I provide understanding immediately. In frustration they ask how and when will it come together. There is no answer to that.

The mysteries reveal themselves in different ways and at different times for each student and I dare to say for every “Master.” I cannot explain or detail a path. The only path I truly know is the one I am traveling and I can only detail the distance I have traveled thus far. Every student and artist has their own path.

A teacher is merely a “guide” along that path. There is no secret key which unlocks the door and reveals the mysteries or treasures within. Music requires time, effort, mindfulness, passion and love. I know not of a different means to reach the summit of Parnassus.”

The mastery of Masonry is the same process Brother Mario describes for music.

  • Master the basics – gain an understanding of the tools and lessons imparted in the degrees
  • Become Masonry – develop your own path by practically applying Masonry’s lessons in your everyday life
  • Learn from your mentor – an experienced guide to listen, help you uncover  and improve your path
  • Continue to learn – even though you have the title “Master Mason” understand your obligation to be a continual learner

Listen to Brother Mario display his mastery

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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