The Amazingly Simple Secrets on How to be Remarkable in Today’s World

stand-out-from-the-clutterA recent flurry of situations, people and conversations prompted me to write this. These thoughts have been rolling around in me for a long time, but today I decided to dump my opinions and frustrations on anyone who will read it.

So here we go, Mike’s unfiltered, blunt opinions on how to be remarkable.


Dress appropriately – I feel sorry for the people who don’t own mirrors. If they do, they don’t use them. Maybe you think jogging shorts, a tee shirt, flip-flops and ball cap are OK in a nice restaurant, but I don’t. Also when you look into the mirror, pay attention to your body weight.

The more weight you have the more clothes you should have on

Use body decorations with discretion. Lose the excessive piercings. Maybe you think looking like you fell face first into a tackle box looks good, but I don’t. Tattoos don’t bother me either, but when they make you look like a jungle warrior then you have overdone it.

Think before ink

Find a good barber shop or beauty salon and frequent it occasionally. You may think your long, greasy, scraggly hair, wherever it is on your body, looks OK; well, maybe the rest of us don’t.


  • Speak up, project, and don’t mumble. This displays confidence.
  • Use the English language correctly. Your made-up gibberish probably can only be understood by a select group of people. Remarkable people speak grammatically correct English; learn it.
  • There are plenty of correct words available to express displeasure; so lose the vulgar ones.


  •  Smile and say Hello to everyone, even if you don’t know them.
  • When conversing with others, listen.
  • Find value in everyone you meet.

No great secrets here. Just plain ole, good common sense. Although I will admit the definition of common sense has seemed to change. Not for me but for some.

I didn’t change my definition of common sense; did you?


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