The 5 Things a Leader Should Be Thankful For

Positive Attitudes

the presence of people that display and practice a hopeful view of the future; for themselves and the entire organization.

Diverse Ability

the presence of people with abilities they are willing to share and to make a positive contribution for enabling everyone’s success.

Expansive Knowledge

having the ability to tap into the experience and wisdom of everyone around you.

Positive Relationships

the presence of people that you can truly care about and become your friends as you lead together.

Caring Mentors

people who have led before that are willing to share their successes, failures and offer a guiding heart and hand.

It should come as no surprise that each of these thankful thoughts has a common element; people.  So without other people leaders would not be leaders.

If you are a leader, be truly thankful for your people.

Have a Great Thankful Masonic Day!


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