Take the John Quincy Adams Leadership Test

john-quincy-adamsIn the past week how many times have you helped others do the following? 

Dream More _________

Leaders encourage imaginative thinking. They like people who dream about possibilities with the intent of improving themselves and their organizations. Leaders create an atmosphere where dreams are encouraged and rewarded. They dream and help others to dream.

Learn More __________

Leaders are continual learners and understand the value of knowledge. They build up others by providing opportunities to learn. Leaders demonstrate their quest for knowledge by building organizations where knowledge is shared.

Do More ___________

Leaders are people of action. Therefore they encourage others to act and build self-confidence in others with praise and offering the opportunity to take on challenging assignments.

Become More _________

Leaders love to empower people. They give others the freedom to design and implement projects, all the while treating them as equals. Leaders challenge people.

Great leaders are continually inspiring others to do these things. If you can help one person in each area every day, that’s 4 a day. In a week that’s 28 times your actions have inspired someone to dream, learn, do or become more. 
Doing this not only enriches others but improves you as a leader. Start Today!
Have a Great Blahless Day!


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