Observing the Craft – A book by WB Andrew Hammer

If you have not read this book I would suggest you do.

From the Preface:

“The book will steadfastly support the definition of the Craft as a philosophical society which demands of its members the highest standards in all areas of its labour.”

What your Lodge is doing that you think is Masonry and what WB Hammer describes as Masonry may be two entirely different things.  After providing his definition of Observance, he then deals with what he believes are Distractions which in his opinion dilute pure Masonry.

He then discusses The Pursuit of Excellence in general and goes on to more specifically discuss Dress and Ritual. He then provides an opinion on the importance and operation of The Festive Board.

Finally he describes how an Observant Lodge would operate and begins by saying:

“An observant Lodge is a Lodge that seeks to uphold the highest standards of the Craft.”

There are many that may disagree with WB Hammer’s practice of Masonry as described in the book, but there is no question that to preserve the valuable practice of Masonry we must seek an effective method to restore its greatness.

We all are very quick to refer to the great men of history in Masonry, but are we willing to practice Masonry as they practiced Masonry? If they are so revered why are we not emulating their Masonic practices?

I challenge you to begin to help restore Masonry and become a man that future generations will proudly refer to. Read the book and then begin to improve yourself and by doing so you improve Masonry.

Have a Great Masonic Day!

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