Is your organization going over the “Leadership Cliff?”

Wile-E--Coyote cliff

There has been building for some time in a great number of organizations a momentous catastrophe that if not acknowledged and acted upon will have devastating results.

This event, a Leadership Cliff, will occur in these organizations because effective leaders are not being created throughout their entire organization. Ultimately, over time, this will cause a decline in purposeful intent and productive action that eventually will lead to organizational apathy.

Will your organization die because you have failed to:

  1. Properly select individuals with the proper qualifications to lead
  2. Properly created a process of continuous leadership education
  3. Recognize the importance of creating leaders not followers
  4. Maintain an atmosphere where creative and innovative leaders can  thrive
  5. Realize the importance of a shared, inspiring vision
  6. Create effective teams
  7. Understand a sense of urgency exists
  8. Remember what the organization believes is important
  9. Practice what the organization believes
  10. Believe

All of these failures can be fixed. Good leaders understand how. Go find some people and make them leaders.

Have a Great Blahless Day!


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