I got “faked out” by George Bush!

As “Hail to the Chief” began to play the doors of the ballroom burst open and in walked President George W. Bush and two Secret Service Agents. I was sitting at the opposite end of room and from where I sat it sure looked like President Bush. He bounded upon the stage, began to speak and it sure sounded like the former president; but it wasn’t.GeorgeBush-MDC-crop

It was John Morgan a George Bush impersonator. John has mastered Bush’s voice, his mannerisms and with the addition of some of those George Bush butchered words, makes you believe he is the real deal.

So this made me think of some of the leaders I’ve known that are just like John’s portrayal of Bush.

  • they look like a leader
  • when you first see them they appear to act like a leader
  • they talk like a leader.

But as time goes by you find that really all there is to their leadership is the talk and they never back it up with real leadership action.

“Real leaders have a bias for action. Matter of fact they get restless and bored if things aren’t moving”

They also are impatient with people who are indecisive. The sure way to drive a true leader nuts is to say something like; “I’m not sure we should do this, maybe we should study it more.” This is like fingernails on a chalkboard to a real leader because they have already said, “We are here, we want to go there, here are the obstacles and here are solutions to remove the obstacles.” In other words, they have a plan and they are ready for action.

Don’t just look like a leader, act like one.

Have a Great Blahless Day!


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