How to Stand Out as a Leader

When I was with the rest of the Founding Partners of the John Maxwell Team, I knew that parts of the program were to be filmed. I purposely wore a bright red shirt so when the camera panned the crowd I could quickly find myself. It worked; of the 500+ people in the room there were only 3 or 4 with red on. When you watch the video below, you can see me over John’s left shoulder. I’m the bald guy with the red shirt.

For leaders to be effective they need to be easily spotted; they need to stand out

Here are some thoughts to make that happen.

    1. Project an air of confidence. This is not arrogance but an ability to project your clarity of purpose and leadership competence which instills confidence in others.
    2. Display a positive mindset. When you have clarity about yourself you become aware of your leadership talents. By leading with these talents you will display a positive attitude.
    3. Be responsive to others. Followers want to be heard, understood and know their contributions are appreciated. You will stand out if you listen intently to others.
    4. Be a problem solver. Leaders find ways to remove obstacles; be willing to do hard work.
    5. Love people. You will gain trust, build positive influence and have the most impact if you display by your actions you truly care.

Now let’s listen to John talk about influence.

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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