How to pick a Great Team

You’ve been given the opportunity to put together your own team. What kind of people do you want?
People with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Do they display a positive outlook on life? Psychologists use the term “growth mindset” to describe those whose world view is of a positive nature. People who have a growth mindset are:
  • open to a belief of their ability to change
  • can innovate, adapt and overcome
  • they can learn new ways to do things
  • they aren’t afraid to fail
  • they want and expect feedback for their own improvement
  • they like to be around people who challenge them
  • they don’t fall in love with their own viewpoint
  • they understand that relationships with people make the difference.
People who like to LEARN
  • Are they curious?
  • Are they willing to ask questions and learn from others or do they think they already know it all?
  • Do they have a plan of personal growth for themselves and are following it?
  • Can they be a respected source of knowledge for others?
  • You need to consider someone who likes people
  • Someone who likes to listen
  • Someone who is patient and understanding
  • Someone who wants to understand people and their point of view
  • People who respect and want to serve others
People who are willing and able to TEACH OTHERS
  • Someone with a skill that will broaden the knowledge of the team
  • Someone who has a passion to share knowledge
  • Someone who will freely share what they know
  • Someone who will reflect often to improve the knowledge they impart

Have a Great Masonic Day!


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