How Pulling Weeds Will Lead to a Life of Significance

root-288x300Scott Fay says he hates weeds and really, who doesn’t? All the flowers in your garden will be wilting in the hot sun and the weeds continue to grow right up through the cracks in your driveway. You spray them with weed killer and two days later some of them are still staring at you as if to say; “really, that’s all you got?”

Scott knows about weeds because he is a landscaper. He knows that if he is going to create something beautiful for a customer he first has to get rid of the weeds. As he says in his book, Discover Your Sweet Spot, “tear out then build up.” 

I recently had the privilege of listening to Scott Fay tell his story. Despite his repeated declaration that he was “just a landscaper,” his words revealed that he was a lot, lot more. The lessons he has learned in his life by pulling weeds has led him to a career as successful author, leadership coach, trainer and speaker.

Scott says that the weeds in our lives are excuses that get in the way of our dreams. So if we are to live a life of significance we have to: 
  • Identify our weeds – they can be hidden, look to people who will truthfully help you identify them
  • Own our weeds – once discovered deal with them. It will take courage
  • Eradicate the weeds – this will be hard work but if we don’t they will steal our energy

If you need a practical, life-proven method for creating and living a life of success and significance you need to read this book. Sweet Spot Thumbnail

Thank you Scott for being more than “just a landscaper!”
Have a Great Blahless Day!


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