How Not to be Recognized

I was at a gathering and sat next to someone who had recently attended the state annual meeting of a ladies’ organization. He told me it took; now get ready for this, SIX HOURS for Introductions.

Now I don’t know about you, but even if the room was filed with former US Presidents, foreign dignitaries, and iconic rock stars, sitting on your butt for six hours while they are introduced and allowed to make comments is cruel and unusual punishment.

Real leaders understand that the most important people in the room are those they are attempting to lead. Titles have no importance so taking time to introduce the Past Assistant Chairman Pro-Tem for Making Sure We Have Refreshments At Every Meeting person is just plain wrong.

Leaders understand that their title just gives them some immediate recognition which allows them to begin the process of proving themselves as leaders.

Leaders begin to connect to form positive relationships, they inspire and build teams, they demonstrate their worth by producing action, they identify and mentor other leaders and many leaders do all of this without a title.

Real leaders don’t need to be introduced, they are already known.
Have a Great Blahless Day!


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