Hey Masonic Leaders, You Need to Replace Yourself!


A couple of weeks ago, I put together a video about how lodge education will lead to long-term positive change. If you missed it, here is the link: https://masonsleadbetter.com/how-an-effective-lodge-education-program-will-lead-to-positive-change/

In it I mentioned that great organizations create learning leaders at all levels of the organization and it all begins with competent leaders who have the proper attitude, knowledge, build positive relationships, and identify, train and mentor future leaders.

Competent leaders always begin their leadership journey by thinking about the legacy they want to leave their organizations.

So, it makes sense, if your leadership legacy is important to you, to pick someone to replace you as a leader.

Dr. John Maxwell’s The Law of Legacy says that “a leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.”

The Grand Lodge of Ohio has instituted a new program “Replace Yourself – Ensuring Our Future One Brother at a Time.” Here’s the website: http://www.replaceyourself.org/. If you are a Masonic leader and care about your lodge and the fraternity, you need to embrace this program and encourage your lodge brothers to do the same. Here is a direct link to make this important commitment: http://www.replaceyourself.org/i-will

Great Masonic leaders understand legacy. They understand they must continually seek out competent men who will become effective lodge leaders, who then will continually seek out men who will become effective lodge leaders, and this process needs to become continual.

Ensure your leadership legacy and your lodge’s success by finding a good man who will be become a great leader.

Have a Great Masonic Day and Replace Yourself

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  1. Justice Onyenanu

    Great lesson indeed. Always amazed at the wizardry in art deployed by Masonic Writers and Teachers. A kind of art of writing that permeates the heart and break all holds of poor education and poor leadership abilities.


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