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Blah-Guide-Kindle-CoverYou can watch my video to understand The Blah or now you can actually grab a copy of my newly published guide. Available now on Amazon, this guide will start you off the path to begin your Blahless thinking.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

7) Throw the “Blah-bots” out of the room

Definition: Blah-bot – A person who because they can’t see beyond the end of their own nose, blindly and without even considering other alternatives, willingly, purposefully and willfully does exactly what has always been done before without thinking.

Like Yogi Berra said, “It’s deja vu all over again” and Blah-bots are the walking, breathing, epitome.

Maybe these people were severely punished as a child when they colored outside the lines, ran with scissors or couldn’t play with toads because they were told if they did they would get warts. I’m not sure what happened but when there are enough of them are in the room, you will stay in the Blah.

Part of a leader’s job requires that they mentor others. So throwing a person out of the room would not be your first move when you find creative thinking is being stifled because someone is a Blah-bot. You work with them, try to understand them because everyone is creative in their own way. And if it helps, let them color outside the lines or play with a toad.

Blah-bots may love the past or re-creation (see #3) so figuratively or literally you need to get them out of the room if you want to Think Outside the Blah.



go to Amazon today and get started on your Blahless Thinking.

If you read the book you’ll find a free bonus offer at the end. You can get a complimentary set of Blahless Thinking Cards! How cool is that.

Have a Great Blahless Day!



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