Ever Wonder Why People Leave Organizations?

If your organization has more people leaving than joining you have a problem.

 A Pew Research Center survey on what compels someone to leave a group, cited these reasons:

  1. The group lacked leadership – 54%
  2. The person lost interest in the goals or purpose of the group – 47%
  3. The group could not accomplish its goals – 42%
  4. Group members were not respectful of one another – 41%

 Here are some quick solutions

  1.  Lack of leadership – are you selecting the right leaders? Take a look at how your leaders are selected and if needed create a process that attracts and educates the best talent.
  2. Loss of interest – is your purpose and goals clear to everyone? Clear compelling and inspirational goals properly communicated will keep everyone focused and interested.
  3. Lack of accomplishment – do your goals include a method for measuring achievement? Just having goals is not enough. You must be able to know if you’re on the right track.
  4. No mutual respect – is there a culture of collaborative dialogue? A team approach that allows for everyone to be heard and their opinion considered must be present.
  5. Too much information – are the members of the communication receiving full of requests for time and money? Ask how much information a person wants to receive and respect that wish.
  6. Too much responsibility – are you constantly asking those most active to assume all the responsibilities? Know your members well enough so you can utilize all the talent not just those who readily volunteer.

All of these situations are fixable. Get busy fixing and save your organization.


Have a Great Masonic Day!


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