Burning your Candle at Both Ends the Right Way

Candle at both endsThe picture at the left is by Terry Border and you can find more of his creations on his blog http://www.bentobjects.blogspot.com/ . A friend sent me an email with a series of these creatures and this one caught my eye.

Any leader worth his salt is passionate about the people and the organization he is attempting to lead. With that passion often comes the tendency to try to do too much, and as the picture suggests, it will burn you out quickly.

I don’t want to discuss the negative aspects of “burning your candle at both ends,” but the positive things you should always be doing as a leader.

What are the things a leader should be doing constantly?

  1. Maintaining and displaying a positive attitude – Napoleon said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” How can you expect your followers to work hard toward the organization’s vision if you, the leader, are not positive and encouraging?
  2. Assist and support those who you have empowered – Always be connecting with your people and making sure they have all the tools necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Are there roadblocks? If there are, remove them. Is there something else they need to do their job? If so, get it for them.
  3. Assess your goals and adjust if necessary – Always be re-examining and be willing to adjust if conditions change.
  4. Communicate – Don’t ever stop doing this. Keep everyone armed with the latest information.
  5. Learn – Leaders are always learning. They don’t stop and they always look at every encounter with people as a learning experience.
  6. Know your limits – Remember that Superman is a fictional character so don’t try to be him. Rely on your team.

So, if you are a passionate leader and find yourself burning your candle at both ends, stop and assess your activity. Is it positive activity or are you headed for a meltdown?

Have a Great Blahless Day!


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