A Guide for Daily Reflection


There comes a time in every effort that seemingly has been on track and progressing that momentum stalls and sometimes is lost. The little successes that were once celebrated and served as motivation cease and are replaced with setbacks.

The setbacks may not huge but are enough to cause a leader to say to himself, “why am I doing this?” Once self-doubt creeps into an effort then it can have a snowball effect and if a leader does nothing to remove it, he loses sight of his goals and sometimes just quits; either for a short while or all together.

Pastor Gordon MacDonald in his book Ordering Your Private World, calls rest “a time of looking backward.” He says we should reflect on our work and ask these questions:

  1. What does my work mean?
  2. For whom did I do this work?
  3. How well was the work done?
  4. Why did I do this?
  5. What results did I expect?
  6. What did I receive?

Leaders should always be asking these questions and if necessary “take a rest” to make sure they are answered.

Reflection should be a part of a leader’s daily routine. It allows you to evaluate and if necessary refocus or change your direction. It can be uplifting, motivational and rewarding; as well as the source of new ideas.

Reflect and have a Great Masonic Day!

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