5 things you need to get rid of the song in your head

Have you at one time or another heard a song played and then that’s all you hear in your head?  It keeps coming back like some persistent gnat on a warm summer night.

A lot of times it’s that annoying jingle from a commercial, but sometimes it’s something that makes you smile or in some way lifts your spirit; maybe like Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

So like this song, is there something else bouncing around in your brain that won’t go away? I mean that one thing that comes to mind when you are daydreaming.  That dream you use to complete the sentence: “I’ve always wanted to_____________.”

So what is it that keeps you just humming the tune to yourself instead of singing your dream out loud? Maybe it’s some of these things:

  •  Clarity – you haven’t created a clear picture of your dream. You see it as; “can’t be” and not as “can be.”
  • Competence – you don’t believe you have the necessary skills & knowledge to make your dream happen
  • Confidence – because you are unclear and believe you lack competence, all you see are obstacles and not opportunities
  • Influence – without clarity, competence and confidence you can’t even convince yourself, let alone others
  • Impact – you are not in a position to make an impact because positive results come from clear, positive beliefs
 Want to know how you can start singing that song out loud?
Click here and listen to my Coach, Kary Oberbrunner

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