3 Attitudes to Avoid on a Team

A couple of years ago I was a member of three different teams and each was struggling because of the following attitudes.

Ego – Each had individuals involved who have, or continue to have, an over-inflated opinion of themselves. This has caused these individuals to be poor team members because they were continually attempting to control the actions of the team from a position of superiority. This attitude of superiority caused some team members to quit.

Lesson learned: If a person tells you how important they are, they are probably not that important.

All talk, no action – John Wooden once said, “Don’t tell me what you can do, show me.” On one team a member was continually offering to complete a needed task because they claimed  they were experienced in this area. They may have been, but did not demonstrate it by action.

Lesson learned: If a person tells you much they can do and then doesn’t do it, they probably can’t do it as well as they say they can.

Ignoring credible information – Have you ever presented well-researched, factual information only to have it shot down because it conflicts with someone’s un-researched opinion? This is the ego thing again; “that’s not right because it makes me look bad!”

Lesson learned: If a person dismisses your documented information it’s because they are too lazy to do their own. Also internally they fear you are right and they are wrong.

Pick your team members carefully, they will make or break you.

Have a Great Blahless Day!


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