The Masonic Values Challenge for World Values Day – Oct. 18th

Last year I discovered quite by accident a movement started in the UK called World Values Day. In 2017 this campaign reached 60 million people in over 100 countries. I along with a few of my lodge Brothers participated and posted our picture on the values day site.

Our lodge is going to participate again this year and wants to challenge as many of our Brethren and their lodges to do the same.

Just think of the impact of expressing our Masonic values to the world in a big and visible way. 

It’s simple. Download and print the templates on this page, express a value and what it means to you, take a picture and then spread it all over your social media pages. Challenge your Masonic Brothers to do the same. Use the hashtags #worldvaluesday and #masonicvalueschallenge. Please post to the Masons Lead Better Facebook page and also post it directly to the World Values Day Facebook page and its website

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Where appropriate use the hashtag #WorldValuesDay. #masonicvalueschallenge



Download, print, and post!





Download, print, and post!

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