Daniel Hrinko

Bro. Hrinko has been a Mason since 1977. He served as Master of Clark Lodge 101 in 1983 and again in 2005. He was the Master of Arts & Sciences 792 serving one year under dispensation in 2009-10 and a second year as the Charter Master in 2010-11. He served as a DEO from 2013-14 and as a DDGM from 2015-17.

Bro Hrinko has authored two books published by Macoy Masonic Publishers. The Craft Driven Lodge chronicles the principles and process of the formation and operation of Arts & Sciences Lodge as the Brothers of that lodge strive for the best Masonic experiences and the pursuit of Masonic Education. The Purple of the Fraternity describes how the servant leadership model aligns with Masonic teachings and principles and offers a template for effective leadership within Freemasonry regardless of the level at which you are serving the Craft.

Bro. Hrinko has published numerous articles in national and international Masonic journals including the Journal of the Masonic Society, the Journal of the Philalethes Society, Knight Templar Magazine, and other publications.

Dan says this about the value of Masonry:

“Freemasonry has afforded me a framework to explore myself as a person and guided my journey through life. It has taught me the value of integrity, honesty, and service to others as key elements of an honorable life.

  It has afforded me opportunities that were available through no other path to meet quality men of integrity, discuss important issues of the world, and to understand different views across age, time, and culture.”



  • Developing Meaningful Masonic Meetings – This presentation focuses on the options available to Lodges to enhance the quality of their Masonic experiences in the Lodge and improving the effectiveness of Masonic teachings.
  • The Well Educated Mason – This program outlines elements toward promoting a quality program of educating new brothers as they seek light in Masonry. It also offers ideas based on the success of other lodges to improve the quality of officer training and effective ritual work.
  • Servant Leadership, the Most Masonic Path – This program reviews the principles of Servant Leadership and identifies the importance of Masonic Teachings in guiding the way we lead. The nature of Freemasonry and its structure offers unique challenges that require a specialized approach. This applies to Masters, officers, even those in positions such as committee leaders.
  • The Ashlars, a Journey Through Life – This program explores the symbolism of the Ashlars and the implications associated with the path we walk through life. Like many symbols in our work, they have implications that reach far beyond the limited presentations offered us in our ritual and lectures.
  • The Psychology of the Initiatic Experience – This program focuses on the experience of the Initiatic Experience from the point of view of the candidate and explores ways to forge a strong and lasting bond between the Brother and the Lodge. Particular attention is given to the opportunities for proper preparation, quality ritual, and other contacts that affect the nature of the bond.
  • The Development of a New or Merged Lodge – This program focuses on the strategies for effectively creating a new Lodge or developing the path for a merged Lodge. The importance of a shared and well-defined vision is stressed as the central element in building a successful future.

Bro. Hrinko is willing to develop customized presentations regarding topics of interest for a Lodge, Grand Lodge, or group of Brothers. All programs are guided by a firm belief that Freemasonry can be improved by putting more Freemasonry in the life of our Lodges.


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