Workshop Registration

There are two different workshops: Becoming Masonry and Masonic Leader’s Trestle Board. You may register for both, however, If you have not attended a MLB workshop before, you must attend Becoming Masonry before attending The Masonic Leader’s Trestle Board. 


Becoming Masonry

  • The Value of Process
  • Discovering My Masonic Obligation
  • Using the Lessons of Masonry in My Life
  • Personal Awareness, Discovery and Improvement
  • Building a Masonic Life Plan
  • Beginning to Live Masonry




Masonic Leader’s Trestle Board

  • Become a Masonic Model – Your Personal Development Plan
  • Create a Shared Lodge Vision – Learn the Process
  • Build Effective Teams – Selection and Empowerment
  • Your Future Leaders – How to identify, train and mentor
  • How to Maintain a Masonic Culture of Excellence
  • Upcoming Events

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