What If You Went To Church & The Minister Didn’t Talk About God?


A young minister began preparing his first sermon. It was Monday, and he was full of confidence that he would be able to craft a message that would impress the congregation. It was his first church, and he was eager to be accepted as their new spiritual leader.

Another reason he felt it necessary his Sunday message should be full of inspiration and promise, is the church had been failing for several years. Because of a succession of ministers, who seemed to have focused on everything other than serving the needs of the congregation, attendance fell, young families weren’t joining, and the members who did come were becoming fewer and fewer because of their age.

He was deep in thought about the sermon topic when he suddenly remembered the notes he made from attending the church’s board of trustees meeting. He pulled out the notes, and on it was a list of items the board wanted brought to the attention of the congregation on Sunday. There was the Bishop’s appeal for funds to operate the mission school, the church’s recent national conference passed legislation that the young minister was told needed to be read and explained to everyone,  the church’s roof was leaking, and the children’s playroom needed painting. There were announcements from the ladies group, the bible study group, the bake sale committee, and more.

The young minister became discouraged as he thought about the time this would all take. He would have little time to bring a message to carry out what he knew was the church’s purpose; to bring the word of God to the members and in doing so, improve their lives. He wondered how all of this stuff became a part of an acceptable church service. Was this what the congregation wanted, a series of business items and announcements? Oh no, he thought, I forgot the treasurer needed a few moments.


So here are two questions for Masons –


Why do we go to lodge and not talk about Masonry?

Aren’t we just like the church in the story? – Letting those things that are not accomplishing our purpose to take prominence.


I wouldn’t go to a church that didn’t talk about God, why should I go to lodge that doesn’t talk about Masonry?




Have a Great Masonic Day!


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