The Masons Lead Better courses are designed to be a Personal Journey!

The information you receive will only be of value to you if it is thought about and structured to your own life. Just like in Masonry you will be given the tools to use, but until you begin to use those tools in a deliberate, meaningful way, they will be of no value to you.

The second thought that is important to emphasize is this: Masons are Learners!

Regardless of your age, your previous experience in the fraternity, your past leadership roles, the honors Masonry has bestowed upon you, you are here to assess yourself, your experiences, enhance their meaning in your life and share knowledge with your Brothers. You are reminded that “…you are to converse with well-informed Brethren, who will always be as ready to give as you will be to receive instruction.”

So as learners we need to recognize that Masonry is a System of Education.

Contained in the three degrees are symbols, tools and lessons that are intended for use in your life. This system of Masonic thought, taken as a whole, provides us a process designed to educate a Mason. This Masonic process should enlighten, improve and motivate us to use our education in our lives, our families, our various professions, our lodges, and in the communities in which we live.

By applying our Masonic education in our daily living, we have, as our ritual says,


“…distinguished ourselves from the rest of the community.”

If you apply yourself with the courses it will make Masonry something very special for you. It will raise your curiosity as you become an avid learner in what is truly an enlightening educational system.

We hope you will find as a wise Brother once commented:


“Masonry is not something you just join, it is something you become.”

With these thoughts in mind, we welcome you to Masons Lead Better.