Masons Lead Better

in their lives, families, jobs and communities

Masons Lead Better takes the tools & lessons of the degrees and shows you how to use them to improve your life

Contained in the three degrees are symbols, tools and lessons that are intended for use in your life. This system of Masonic thought, taken as a whole, provides us a process designed to educate a Mason. This Masonic process should enlighten, improve and motivate us to use our education in our lives, our families, our various professions, our lodges, and in the communities in which we live.

By applying our Masonic education in our daily living, we have, as our ritual says, “…distinguished ourselves from the rest of the community.”

Our workshops will make Masonry something very special for you. It will raise your curiosity as you become an avid learner in what is truly an enlightening educational system. We hope you will find as, a wise Brother once commented:

“Masonry is not something you just join, it is something you become.”
I applaud you for putting this program together. I really expected it to be like any other boring Masonic program. I, to my surprise, was pleased with the time that I had spent. I hope that Grand Lodge finds the same value in this I have and continues to perpetuate it. Our survival as a fraternity kind of depends on it.

Past Master, Mason Lodge #678

A Great Day – Look Forward to More!

It was a very good presentation, I wish we would have had more time.

This is something we should have done years ago.






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