5 Reasons Your Leader Might Be a Turkey


They’re a gobbler –

They gobble up everything in sight, especially the glory. 

They are full of stuffing –

Real turkey stuffing is to enhance the flavor but a turkey leader is stuffed full of empty promises, false praise, and anything else to make them appear more than they are.

The constantly need basted –

You have to keep stroking their egos or they don’t perform.

They can’t fly –

As they gobble they just strut along; same ole speed not gaining momentum.

Their meat is dark or white –

Performance is in one of two boxes; they do not know how to innovate or use their imagination.

Their leadership will not sustain the organization and they will eventually get their head chopped off – their insistent focus on themselves, lack of vision, glory gobbling, along with their black and white performance will drive people away. They and the organization will lie flopping on the ground dying a painful death.
Have a Great Blahless Thanksgiving Day!


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